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Dani &Kócos


 Dani dear grandson of an ancient Hungarian Puli dog shaggy dog species we eat very nice friendly note to let us eat have always loved each other, unfortunately this summer moved to the Celestials eternal hunting fields. in his memory to draw the image of the corpse that last photo where it was felt the sorrow that divorce through

4 megjegyzés:

Shannon írta...

I'm so sorry you lost your precious dog! I'm full of sympathy for you and share the feelings! Your quilt is beautiful though and captures the wonderful relationship between people and their dogs. Thank you for sharing!

Nina Marie írta...

What a lovely keep sake! He surely was a beautiful dog!

Linda Robertus írta...

What a beautiful quilt, and a wonderful memory of a beloved dog!

Corinnea írta...

A lovely rememberance!